BLISS Carnival - Nectar

Winter Blossom


Designed & Marketed by Shawn Dhanraj

Photography by Laura Ferreira & Damian Luk Pat

Makeup by The Atelier | Hair by Dollz Beauty Spa

Costume Prices & Options

Frontline Two-Piece Option: $6,500.00 (US$1,040)
Frontline Monokini Option: $7,050.00 (US$1,128)
Includes Frontline Bodywear
Add Sleeves: $800.00 (US$128)
Add Large Backpack: $1,250.00 (US$200)
Add X-Large Backpack: $3575.00 (US$572)

Winter Blossom is private, frontline-only, all-female section.
Costumes in this section are sold by Shawn Dhanraj.
Please email for further details and registration information.

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