Santorini Sunset

Section Sold Out

Designed by Richard and Anthony Designs & Concepts

Santorini Sunset is The Absolute Section and has additional premium offerings.

Photography by Ikenna Douglas

Backline: $6,275 (US$1,004)
Includes: Backline Body Wear, Arm & Leg Pieces, Collar & Jewelled Crown
add Large Headpiece: $350 (US$56)

Upgrade Bikini Bottom to Cover Up Bottom: $150 (US$24)
add Extra Bikini Bottom: $100 (US$16)
add Extra Thong: $100 (US$16)
add Extra Hot Shorts: $125 (US$20)

Frontline: $10,500 (US$1,680)
Includes: Frontline Body Wear, Frontline Backpack, & Jewelled Crown
add Section Leader Headpiece: $2,275 (US$364)

MALE: $5,375 (US$860)

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