BLISS Carnival - Nectar



Designed by Humzee

Marketed by Energy Section

Photography by Laura Ferreira & Damian Luk Pat

Makeup by The Atelier | Hair by Dollz Beauty Spa

Costume Prices & Options
This section includes a VIP Party Package powered by BLISS x Energy Section,
featuring a designated air-conditioned area in our Rest Park and more! Stay tuned for more details.

Backline: $6,295 (US$1,007)
Includes Backline Bodywear & Crown
Add Collar: $600 (US$96)

Frontline: $7,695 (US$1,231)
Includes Frontline Bodywear & Collar
Upgrade to: Large Backpack: $2,575 (US$412)

Male: Starting at $4,895 (US$783)

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