BLISS Carnival - Nectar



Designed by Laura Narayansingh

Costumes available from Laura Narayansingh & LBP Carnival

Photography by Ikenna Douglas & Marc Bain.

Her presence is encapsulating, radiating the fire of a free spirit. One part Fashion. One part Soul.

Backline: $5,495 (US$879)
Includes backline bodywear & crown
add Collar: $350 (US$56)

Frontline: $6,545 (US$1,047)
Includes frontline bodywear & crown
MUST ADD Collar: $350 (US$56)
OR Backpack: $1,850 (US$296)
OR Backpack & Tail: $3,695 (US$591)

Male: Starting at $4,295 (US$687)

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