Dolce Vita

About Us

BLISS Carnival – Chic Carnival. Sheer Bacchanal

Born from TRIBE’s commitment to excellence, BLISS intimately unveiled her beauty to masqueraders searching for a new experience in 2011. Following in the footsteps of her guardian, BLISS revolutionized the ultimate carnival experience once again. With envious service and an unparalleled on-the-road experience, she continues to leave masqueraders in a daze of sheer … well … BLISS.

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What's New

Party Stand | CPL Finals 2017

Experience the Ultimate Party Stand with the most vybz and best view in the stadium, …

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City lights and TRIBE nights! TRIBE & Icebox team up again to bring you the best …

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  • All teams send forth your champion! 7 will enter 1hellip
  • Paint balloons will be thrown but will they be caught?hellip
  • VIP tickets are sold out as we draw closer tohellip
  • Moving Targets! Two team members will have white targets attachedhellip
  • The Tanks are on the move! Who will win andhellip
  • The DJs that will light the fire and keep ithellip
  • Red Ants Wants You!  Enlist in an army todayhellip
  • Join the battle and get ready for WAR! Wine Andhellip
  • TRIBE Party Stand Combo tickets are out and going fasthellip
  • Introducing your ROGUE Roman Recruits SWIPE  If YOU wanthellip